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Search public records to uncover Gordon's emails, phone numbers, addresses and extra. Margo Adesanya, DDS, the appearing director of the Office of Science Policy and Analysis, attended the NIMHD Workshop on the Science of Prevention and Health Promotion to deal with Well being Disparities held March 30-31 in Bethesda, MD. The aim of the workshop was to explore the scientific validity of group-based multilevel interventions in decreasing significant population-degree burden of chronic morbidity and premature loss of life in health disparity populations. The keynote speaker was Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, the 18th United States Surgeon General.
In addition to treating trauma of the top and spine, these doctors also deal with problems like epilepsy, aneurysms, hydrocephalus, Parkinson's disease, a number of sclerosis, stroke, spinal disc herniation, and spinal illness. Dr. Saia is now accepting new patients. Please call 688-8815 for an appointment on the East Amherst workplace. Gordon Tang is one of the finest skilled neurosurgeons in Berkeley, California. With expertise of over two decades and counting, he runs East Bay Neurosurgery and Backbone Clinic, which focuses on offering minimally invasive remedies for varied spinal problems.
10. George W. Bush. 43rd President of the U.S. When President Bush made his State of the Union Address in January 2004, he outlined a plan to make sure most Individuals have been on EHRs within 10 years. "By computerizing well being records, we will avoid harmful medical mistakes, cut back costs and enhance care," he stated. Throughout his presidency, he continued to advance health IT, establishing the Workplace of the Nationwide Coordinator for Heath Information in 2004 by means of an government order. The ONC, which is a part of HHS and was legislatively mandated below President Obama's 2009 HITECH Act, spearheads the federal authorities's well being IT efforts.
34. Blackford Middleton, MD. Chairman, American Medical Informatics Association (Bethesda, Md.). Earlier than assuming his present role as AMIA chairman, Dr. Middleton was a professor of biomedical informatics and medication at Stanford (Calif.) University, Harvard College in Cambridge, Mass., and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. He has additionally served as CMO for Medscape, a provider of EMR software program and patient portals. A lot of his profession has centered on scientific informatics and the implementation and analysis of clinical data programs in advanced environments.
The Zhang Lab welcomes new anesthesia research fellows within the fall of 2010. Dr. Colleen Pakkianathan is conducting research of neuroprotection by anesthetic agents. Dr. Gary Shih is researching neuroprotectants for neonatal hypoxia-ischemia. We want each of them a profitable pursuit of analysis projects within the Zhang Lab. Dr. Lynn Simon, president of scientific services and chief high quality officer, acute-care division, Group Health Techniques, Franklin, Tenn.

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